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What is Hair Wax Stick Used For? How to Use Hair Wax Stick for Styling

Hair wax stick has become a popular styling product for good reason – it offers flexible hold and shape for all hair types. But what exactly is hair wax stick? How do you use it to style hair?

This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about this useful styling tool.

What is Hair Wax Stick?

Hair wax stick, also known as hair wax or styling wax, is a grooming product used to style and sculpt the hair into different looks. It has a dense, wax-like texture that helps keep hair in place.

Wax sticks often come in a convenient roll-up tube or stick form for easy application.

The defining feature of wax sticks is that they offer light pliable hold. This means you can reshape and restyle throughout the day. The wax remains soft and reworkable in the hair, unlike hair gels and sprays that rigidly set styles in place.

This makes wax perfect for achieving more natural, tousled, undone looks.

In addition to hold, wax sticks contain ingredients that add subtle shine and texture. Common ingredients include:

  • Beeswax – The main ingredient that provides light pliable hold and control. Beeswax also conditions the hair.
  • Mineral oil – Adds glossiness and softness.
  • Lanolin – Derived from sheep wool, lanolin moisturizes for smoothness.
  • Natural oils – Oils like coconut, argan, and tea tree condition the hair and increase manageability.
  • Vitamin E – A nourishing antioxidant that repairs damage.

The combined effect is hair that stays styled yet remains touchably soft and natural-looking. Wax allows you to achieve styled bedhead styles, piecey separation, or light molding with movement.

wax stick for hair

How is Hair Wax Stick Used for Styling?

Now that you know what defines hair wax sticks, let’s look at the techniques for using them:

  1. Work into hands
    Scoop a small amount of wax onto your fingertips and rub hands together to warm and evenly distribute the product. This helps it melt onto the hair more easily.
  2. Apply to dry hair
    Smooth through dry hair and work into sections with your fingers. Apply lightly to build coverage gradually. Focus on the ends and areas that need the most hold.
  3. Style as desired
    Once distributed, style and sculpt the hair by hand into your desired look. Wax sticks let you mold, lift, and spike hair into place without worrying about over-hardening.
  4. Reapply for touch-ups
    Carry a compact wax stick for easy touch-ups. Just use your fingers to reshape any sections that need a boost of hold throughout the day.

Benefits of Using Hair Wax Sticks

Why should you choose wax sticks over other styling products? Here are some of the advantages:

  • Flexible hold – Wax allows you to rework and touch-up styles multiple times.
  • Natural look – Wax doesn’t make hair crunchy or sticky. The finish looks soft and natural.
  • Touchable – Hair still feels touchably soft with moveable hold.
  • Low shine – Wax provides light pliable hold without making hair overly glossy.
  • Long-lasting – Wax enables long-lasting styles that won’t deflate or fall flat.
  • All hair types – Wax works for short, long, straight, curly, thick and fine hair.
  • Easy application – Just melt a small amount in your hands and smooth through hair.
  • Buildable – You can layer and build coverage to customize the hold.
  • No flakes – Wax washes out cleanly without flaky white residue.

As you can see, wax offers versatility for all hair types and desired looks. Now let’s go over how to use hair wax sticks to achieve some of the most popular hairstyle trends.

Using Hair Wax Sticks for Men’s Hairstyles

From short to long cuts, hair wax enables men to style their hair in place while maintaining a natural, intentionally undone look. Here are some ways to use wax sticks for today’s most popular men’s styles:

Short Textured Cuts:

  • For cropped cuts, rub wax between hands and spike up the short layers on top.
  • Add lift at the crown and nape for height.
  • Use your fingertips to tousle the texture into place.
  • Wax lets you achieve an organized messy look that stays put.

The Pompadour:

  • Apply wax to the front section and sweep the fringe upward into a pompadour shape.
  • Smooth any frizzies or flyaways backward to keep them integrated.
  • Mold the height and shape as desired with your hands.
  • Wax provides control while keeping the look soft.

The Quiff:

  • Directly spike up the fringe toward the front to form the quiff.
  • Twist narrow sections at the part for extra lift.
  • Let the ends feather out naturally.
  • Keep fringe separated from the rest of the hair.

Slicked Back Undercut:

  • Evenly coat hands with wax and smooth hair directly backward.
  • For the long top, brush back and then style by hand into place.
  • Apply lighter wax to the undercut sides and style into place.
  • Wax creates a slicker look with separation.

Curly Hair:

  • Apply sparingly to dry curls.
  • Scrunch into the ends and any frizzy sections.
  • This will control frizz and define the curl pattern.
  • Finger curl any pieces that need extra styling.

Thick Hair:

  • Use wax to add texture and gradual separation.
  • Twist narrow sections outward as you style to prevent a flat look.
  • Lift the hair at the crown for volume.
  • Thin hair at the nape for a tapered look.

Straight Hair:

  • Apply to ends for piecey flipping texture.
  • Twist fringe upward for a modern look.
  • Use fingertips to tousle strands loosely.
  • Wax prevents flatness and helps directionalize sections.

Long Hair:

  • For man buns, wax adds control when gathering/twisting hair together.
  • Smooth any loose pieces into the bun.
  • On loose long hair, wax defines sections and prevents flyaways.
  • For ponytails, wax slick strands back smoothly first.

Gray Hair:

  • Apply lightly to reduce any frizziness or unruly texture.
  • Wax also adds subtle shine for a polished finish.
  • Finger style into place for a natural look.

As demonstrated above, wax sticks let men sculpt just about any short or long style into place. The result is hair that looks intentionally styled yet soft and natural at the same time.

Using Hair Wax Sticks for Women’s Hairstyles

Women can also use hair wax sticks to achieve styled texture and movement. Here are some tips for using wax on the most popular women’s hairstyles:

Short Cuts:

  • For pixies and bobs, work wax through the ends for piecey texture.
  • Twist narrow sections outward as you style for dimensional separation.
  • Add lift at the roots and crown for volume.
  • Smooth any flyaways or frizz down with wax.

Long Layers:

  • Apply wax just to the ends to add flipped out texture.
  • Twist sections subtly as you style for movement.
  • Add some lift at the crown and sides for body.
  • Wax smoothes frizz and flyaways.

Beach Waves:

  • On dry hair, scrunch wax into the mid-lengths to ends.
  • Twist random sections outward for defined texture.
  • Finger curl any straight pieces.
  • Wax controls frizz for beachy texture.

Voluminous Curls:

  • Apply lightly and scrunch into dry curls.
  • Focus on smoothing any frizzy areas.
  • Twist and define key curls around the face.
  • Wax won’t weigh down the curl pattern.


  • For ponies and buns, wax adds control while gathering/twisting hair together.
  • It keeps loose pieces smoothed into the style.
  • For braids, wax slick sections neatly before braiding.
  • Wax also tames flyaways.

Thin Hair:

  • Use wax to add lift at the roots and crown.
  • Twist narrow sections outward while styling to increase fullness.
  • Smooth any wispies into place.
  • Wax creates fuller styles without being stiff or sticky.

As you can see, wax stick offers lightweight molding for women to achieve tousled, touchable texture. A little goes a long way for strategically boosting hold while maintaining soft movement.

Tips for Using Hair Wax Sticks

Follow these pro tips as you incorporate hair wax sticks into your daily styling routine:

  • Start with a small amount and layer gradually as needed. Using too much wax can make hair limp and greasy.
  • Warm the wax between palms before applying for easier distribution.
  • Apply to dry hair only – wax won’t penetrate or hold well on damp hair.
  • Start working wax into the back/underside sections first to build a base.
  • Style hair by hand after application. Don’t overbrush, as this can make hair look stiff.
  • Carry a compact wax stick for quick touch-ups during the day. Focus on smoothing frizz and stray hairs.
  • Wash out wax with a clarifying shampoo. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.
  • Use lighter wax formulas for fine or thin hair to avoid weigh-down. Heavier waxes work well for thick, textured hair.
  • Store wax in a cool dry place so it maintains the right consistency – not too soft or hard.

By following these tips and techniques, you’ll master the art of waxing for soft, natural hold and styles that last all day. Say goodbye to stiff overloaded hair.

How is Hair Wax Different than Gel and Hairspray?

Now that you know the scoop on hair wax sticks, how does wax compare to other styling products like gel and hairspray? Here are the key differences:

Hair Gel:

  • Gel provides a harder, crisper hold than wax.
  • Gel sets styles firmly in place without flexibility or movement.
  • It can flake if used in excess.
  • Gel creates glossier, slicker styles.
  • Most gels don’t re-activate with water or touchups.


  • Hairspray creates a stiff shell over styles to lock them in place.
  • This can feel sticky, coated, and unnatural.
  • Hairspray makes re-styling or touchups challenging after applied.
  • It can flake with overuse and usually requires washing out.
  • The hold of hairspray relies on chemicals rather than nourishing ingredients.

As you can see, both gel and hairspray create a rigid, permanent hold unlike the soft flexibility of wax. The wax allows you to rework styles all day with your fingers. For versatility and touchable styles that actually feel like real hair, wax is undoubtedly the winner!

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a man styling a pompadour or a woman boosting beach waves, hair wax stick is the ideal product. It lets you mold, lift, and shape hair into any look. Wax leaves styles touchably soft rather than stiff or crunchy.
It’s pliable hold can be reworked and smoothed all day. For natural, lived-in texture with definition and movement, reach for a hair wax stick. With this handy styling product, you’ll never have a bad hair day again!

Ready to get your hands on the styling secret that makes hair look naturally perfect? Pick up a hair wax stick for flexible hold and touchable texture. Browse our selection of top rated wax sticks formulated for all hair types. Just apply a fingertip amount to dry hair and sculpt into your ideal style. The lightweight waxes reshape easily all day without crustiness or flaking. Purchase your new favorite styling staple online now to finally achieve that intentionally undone look. Your hair will thank you!

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