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How do you use a wax stick for curly hair?

How to Use Hair Wax Stick for Curly Hair: Tips for Defining Curls

If you have naturally curly hair, you know the constant battle against frizz and unruly strands. But hair wax stick can be a powerful ally in your quest for defined, polished curls. The right techniques allow you to enhance and set your curl pattern without crunchy helmets or sticky residue. Follow these tips to master using hair wax on your coils and waves.

What Makes Hair Wax Good for Curly Hair?

Before jumping in, let’s look at why wax sticks are uniquely suited for curly locks:

  • Provides light hold – Wax shapes without stiffening or flaking. Your curls keep their natural movement.
  • Long-lasting – Wax provides long-lasting frizz control and definition. Curls stay set all day.
  • Touchable finish – Wax doesn’t leave hair sticky or coated feeling. Curls still feel touchably soft.
  • Enhances shine – Ingredients like beeswax give curls a glossy, healthy-looking finish.
  • Controls flyaways – Wax instantly smoothes and slicks down frizzy halo hair around the hairline.
  • Fights humidity – Wax seals the cuticle to block out humidity that can expand curls.
  • Non-crunchy – Wax allows you to scrunch out any crunchiness after styling for soft hold.
  • Versatile – Wax lets you switch up partings and re-style throughout the day.

Using wax sticks for curly hair allows you to show off your gorgeous coils and waves while keeping frizz under control.

Prep Hair Before Using Wax

Proper prep is key to maximize the results of wax on curls:

  • Shampoo and condition hair using moisturizing formulas free of sulfates and silicones. This leaves hair soft and hydrated.
  • Blot curls gently with a t-shirt or microfiber towel. Rubbing can cause frizz.
  • Use a smoothing serum or leave-in conditioner and let hair air dry fully. This prevents shrinking or distortion of the curl pattern.
  • Detangle very gently with a wide-tooth comb only if needed. Never rake through curls.
  • Apply products section-by-section rather than all at once.

Follow these pre-styling steps, and hair will be ready to perfectly take shape when wax is applied.

How to Apply Hair Wax to Curls

Once hair is prepped, use this process for flawless wax application:

  1. Warm a small amount in your hands – A little goes a long way. Roll a pea-sized bit between palms until melted.
  2. Work through sections – Lift hair in coin-sized sections and smooth wax over strands.
  3. Distribute lightly and evenly – Apply lightly, almost like feathering the wax over curls.
  4. Scrunch and define – Cup curls in your hand and scrunch, twist, coil to encourage definition.
  5. Style pieces around face – Twist and coil key face-framing pieces for extra polish.
  6. Set with cool air – Blast hair with cool air to set the wax. Skip hot tools that can cause frizz.

Repeat this process section-by-section until hair is evenly coated in light wax for frizz-free definition.

Customizing Wax Use for Different Curl Types

The amount of wax needed may vary based on your curl size and texture:

Tight Coils and Kinks:

  • Use the least amount – too much wax can flake on very tight curls.
  • Apply just to smooth and tame – avoid coating every curl.
  • Re-twist key areas as needed – wax helps tighten the coil.
  • Focus on smoothing edges.

Big Loose Curls:

  • Use a bit more wax to control these unruly curls.
  • Glide wax over the most frizzy areas.
  • Wrap larger sections around fingers to encourage uniform curl shapes.
  • Apply heavier at the ends to prevent looping.


  • Use light wax mostly on ends and frizzy spots.
  • Twist and coil pieces for extra definition.
  • Add texture by scrunching ends loosely.
  • Avoid coating all hair to prevent limpness.

By tailoring application to your exact curl type, the results will be maximized.

Maintaining Healthy Curls After Using Wax

Keep curls in optimal condition following wax use:

  • Fully rinse wax – Wash hair twice to remove all traces of wax after styling. Avoid buildup.
  • Alternate styling – Use wax only as-needed rather than daily to prevent drying hair.
  • Deep condition – Treat hair to weekly deep conditioning masks. Concentrate conditioner on the ends.
  • Sleep care – Protect hair in a satin cap or pineapple at night. This preserves wax styling and hydration.
  • Gently detangle – Always detangle with conditioner in the shower for easy combing.
  • Humidity protection – Continue using anti-humectants to block moisture outside the shower.

With the proper care, curly hair stays healthy and hydrated despite heat and wax styling.

The Takeaway

If you feel like you’ve tried every trick to control your curls, it’s time to take hair wax for a spin. Hair wax sticks offer the light hold, definition, and frizz control needed to keep curly hair in check. Use a modest amount distributed evenly from roots to ends. Then define shape and texture with your fingers section by section. Complete the routine with cool air setting. Follow these steps for polished results all day long. With wax in your arsenal, you’ll have the definition you’ve always dreamed of!

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