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Can You Use a Hair Wax Stick on Real Hair?

Can You Use a Hair Wax Stick on Real Hair? Tips for Using Wax on Natural Hair

Many people are confused when choosing styling products, wondering if hair wax sticks can be used on real hair. In fact, hair wax sticks are suitable for all hair types and can help you create soft, natural hairstyles. This article will explain in detail how to properly use hair wax sticks on real hair.

What is a Hair Wax Stick?

Hair wax stick is an increasingly popular hairstyling product. It has a soft, wax-like texture and needs to be melted between the fingers before being applied to the hair. Hair wax sticks are usually made of ingredients like beeswax, mineral oil and natural plant oils. These ingredients allow hair wax sticks to provide a gentle holding effect, keeping hair styled while still feeling naturally soft, not stiff or coarse.

Unlike strong holding hair gels and mousses, hair wax sticks provide lighter holding power that allows you to re-style throughout the day. This makes hair wax sticks ideal for creating intentionally styled yet not overly set natural looks.

Can Hair Wax Sticks be Used on Real Hair?

Hair wax sticks can absolutely be used safely on real hair. Due to their properties, hair wax sticks are very suitable for all hair types, whether you have straight, naturally curly or thick curly hair. Hair wax sticks can help set styles in place.

Compared to hair gel or mousse, hair wax sticks will not make the hair stiff or sticky. They provide flexible, lightweight hold that allows you to reshape styles with your fingers anytime. Therefore, hair wax sticks are very suitable for daily hairstyling and can create and maintain natural, smooth styling effects.

Tips for Using Hair Wax Sticks on Real Hair

Here are some tips for properly using hair wax sticks on real hair:

  1. Use sparingly

With hair wax sticks, you only need a small amount, about the size of a fingernail. Too much will make the hair greasy and weighed down. Start with a little and build up hold as needed.

  1. Melt into fingers first

Scoop some wax onto your fingers and rub hands together to evenly distribute and melt the product. This makes the wax easier to apply into the hair.

  1. Use on dry hair only

Make sure to only apply hair wax on completely dried hair. It will not hold well or produce ideal styles on damp hair.

  1. Finish styling by hand

After applying into the hair, use your fingers to do final styling. Avoid over-brushing, as it can make styles stiff.

Tips for Using Hair Wax Sticks on Different Hair Types

  • Straight hair: Flip out some ends slightly for added texture.
  • Natural curly hair: Focus on defining key curls around face and ends.
  • Thick curly hair: Separate hair into sections with fingers, gently twist outward to add dimension and avoid flat look.
  • Fine, soft hair: Lift gently at roots and crown for added volume. Use wax to set wispy flyaways in place.
  • Short hair: Create height, lift at roots and flip ends out slightly along sides.

Caring for Styles Done with Hair Wax Sticks

  • Thoroughly wash out: Use a clarifying shampoo to fully remove wax buildup, preventing greasiness.
  • Avoid over-brushing: Finger-style instead to preserve softness and avoid stiffening hair.
  • Condition and smooth: Apply conditioner to ends and smooth down for shine and moisture after washing.

Hair Wax Sticks Keep Real Hair Styled Naturally

In summary, hair wax sticks are very suitable for use on real hair and can help all hair types achieve effortless, natural styling effects. They provide flexible light hold that allows finger-styling touchups anytime, making them ideal for everyday hairstyling. With proper application techniques and follow-up care, your real hair can maintain beautiful, natural-looking styles with minimal product.

Just apply a fingertip amount to dry hair and sculpt into your ideal style. The lightweight waxes reshape easily all day without crustiness or flaking. Purchase your new favorite styling staple online now to finally achieve that intentionally undone look.

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